Halloween in Natanda’s Kitchen

I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. Natalie, on the other hand, can take it or leave it. However, I’m sure she’s grown to enjoy reaping the benefits such as delicious unappealing food and cash money for winning costume contests! This time of year will never get old!

Each year, I spend countless hours on Google and Pinterest researching the most disgusting looking appetizers, meats, desserts, and cocktails to serve our guests. Like realistically, why would you want to attend a party of this nature if the hosts served you basic hot dogs and hamburgers, anyway? So lame.

I wanted to share some of my favorite dishes with our followers to hopefully inspire some future parties for years to come.

Pumpkin Puking Dip: This can be either guacamole or spinach dip. Carve the pumpkin’s mouth in such a way where the vomit looks realistic. This is very popular on the internet and a crowd favorite.

Diarrhea Dip: Okay, so we’ve played with this recipe so many times now and this still never seems like a big hit. I’m really not sure why, though. Is a babydoll or a (recently upgraded) troll sitting in a casserole dish filled with beans not appetizing? It’s so much fun though so it’s always worth it. Here are a few recipes to experiment with with your guests. You can make a puréed bean hummus, a cold bean salsa, or a hot bean chili. They all taste great! Try adding corn kernels for special effects.

Deer Dropping Meatballs: This can be literally any recipe you’re adequate at. Red sauce, sweet and sour sauce, literally whatever. Put a plastic/rubber bat above the crockpot and let people get that visual.

Hot Dog Variety: Mummy hot dogs and hot dog fingers are both a lot of fun. This year I carved the finger crevices out of 48 hot dog halves and enjoyed sharing the scraps with my cats. Then you boil or bake them and arrange them as hands on some sort of body you’re displaying.

Kitty Litter Cake: No one ever eats this, but it’s cheap and easy and I won’t ever stop making it. Crumble some cooked white and German Chocolate (much more white) cakes into crumbs and mix with vanilla pudding just so the crumbs stick together a little. Save some of the white cake to put green food dye in for the top layer. Lastly, microwave tootsie rolls and stretch them out to look like turds. Make sure all of this is in a litter box and served with a scooper. You can obtain these props at the Dollar Tree.

Blood Spatter Crime Scene Cupcakes: This one is fun and usually yields more enjoyment. Make sure the icing to whatever you make is white and then splash red food dye on them. You can buy edible body parts at Michaels.

Well, those are my favorites but feel free to message me for specific recipe information and for additional ideas on how to throw the best party in the neighborhood!img_7437img_7440img_7443img_7447img_7450img_7753img_7754img_7755