The Buttered Biscuit – Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Every time we have tried to eat at this popular brunch spot, the line has been out the door and around the corner. We finally had the patience to wait, because we just had to see what the hype was all about! Although we had to kill about a half hour before being seated, the experience was so rewarding that buying way too many pastries from the bakery down the street in the interim was totally worth it.

We first ordered a biscuit to share among the four of us because we just could not wait! The biscuit was awesome! It was large, fluffy, moist, and came out hot. Accompanied with it, were cinnamon butter and jam. The combinations were delicious.

The wait staff was friendly and professional, our food came out almost immediately, and our coffee and condiments were replenished without any hesitation.

Then we got the Maui Meg’s French Toast, which was grilled banana bread with Hawaiian Macadamia nuts and coconut on top, eggs Benedict on a biscuit with asparagus, another egg and veggie dish, and their special of blueberry french toast. Everything was outstanding! The photo accurately depicts just how awesome the food looked. We were beyond impressed with this restaurant and cannot wait to return!




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