Pasta Volo – Asbury Park, New Jersey

After being recommended by various friends, we finally made it over to Pasta Volo. We knew we would enjoy this place, but we didn’t know just how impressed we would be! This also wasn’t just a casual dining experience. We had the privilege of spending some time with the owner, Cathy, and getting a little insight as to just how and why this venture has been so rewarding for her.

Besides the pastas and sauces being absolutely marvelous, for me, the story behind the vision of Pasta Volo was equally as exciting. Cathy had an idea and immediately went with it. She spent time in Italy learning and exploring the culinary sensation that is Italian cuisine and then she came back and put her idea into motion. She wanted to offer excellent quality, simple comfort food at low cost and expedited service (Volo = Flight. AKA pasta on the go!). Her plan was brilliant. What more does someone want than to get to satisfy their carb craving on a budget?

Those of you who know me well, know that I have many ideas that I’d love to collaborate into a business one day. I am often discouraged when hearing about the struggles that come with a successful business and put my plans aside. Cathy’s story is so inspiring and I’m happy to have taken that with me when I left.

So about that pasta….

You have 5 shapes of pasta to choose from, 8 sauces (plus a special), 10 meats/cheese toppings, and 8 veggies. You mark your choices on a piece of paper and then a few moments later, your creation is served to you in a more modern Chinese food take out box! The cheeses and the tomatoes for the sauces are imported from Italy. We tried just about all of the sauces and there really are no words to describe just how fresh and phenomenal they were. Now coupled with handmade al dente pasta, you can close your eyes and pretend you’re in Italy.

We ordered the pesto and the quattro formaggi sauces and that is what you’ll see below. The basil leaves are hand chopped daily. Both of those, as well as the marinara sauce and vodka sauces were out of this world.

The chicken, pancetta and meatballs are also wonderful and make great add-ins.

If you’re looking for us to recommend something for you to get, my suggestion is to go with multiple people and get 6 different combinations! You can’t possibly choose just one!

If you’re vegan or gluten free, Pasta Volo offers meat-free/dairy-free sauces and gluten free pasta to accommodate literally everyone (unless you don’t eat carbs, then you just suck). There is absolutely no reason not to go there right now! They’re open until 8!




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