Fins Tropicali Cuisine – Jersey Shore

Fins is one of Natalie’s favorites! It’s cheap, it’s easy, and unlike some chain restaurants that are similar to this style, every entree here tastes unique! This restaurant is located in Sea Girt, Brick, and Bradley Beach. They provide you with counter service and a quick turn around time for your baskets to arrive at the table. You can take out and/or have your meals delivered, as well.

Fins offers typical food categories: Appetizers, salads, burritos, tacos, wraps, “finchiladas”, and more, however, their products are anything but typical. They pride themselves on their Southern California, Pacific, and Island influences. This is what makes them such a unique “go to” restaurant. A standard entree ranges from $9-$11 and comes with chips. If you dine in, you have the option of trying their many sauces that are available on the tables.

Above, are photos of the “Natty Dreads” burrito and the “Flyin’ Hawaiian” burrito. Both contain an ingredient that most people would not expect to be inside of a burrito. The Natty Dreads comes from Jamaican roots with jerk chicken and contains fried plantains. The Flyin’ Hawaiian has mango inside of it. Both of these were outstanding. My favorite item on their menu, I believe, is “The Green Room” burrito because I love spinach tortillas. Natalie often chooses “Mexicali Blues”.

We highly recommend Fins for any adventurous eater who consumes way too much Chipotle, Moes, and Surf Taco.

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