Bamboo Leaf – Bradley Beach, New Jersey

We die for Thai!

Bamboo Leaf, located in Bradley Beach is the best Thai food on this planet! You don’t even need to go to Thailand! Just kidding, go to Thailand if you can… but in the meantime, go here! Each and every one of their dishes is just bursting with flavor. Their vegetables are fresh and plentiful. The curries are bold and easily distinguishable. We just can’t get enough of this place!

Once, they were renovating and we didn’t realize. We drove past the place and the lights were out. Immediately frazzled and depressed, we quickly scurried over to the door and read about their renovation. We were so relieved!

The restaurant seats about 15 parties maximum and if you show up without a reservation around dinner time, expect to wait a little bit. It’s THAT popular. They don’t serve alcohol so you must bring your own if you want to drink with your dinner.

The Thai Chicken Salad (photo 3) and the Thai Salad (photo 3) are two great appetizers. We have also had the chicken and beef skewers on numerous occasions (not pictured). Out of the two, I would choose the beef. It is moist and tender and marinated in heaven. Our absolute favorite things to order for a main course are the Pad Thai (photo 2) and either Panang Curry (photo 4) or Massaman Curry (photo 1). We have heard fantastic things about the other curries, as well. For those of you who have never ordered a “thai curry”, it looks like a soup. You can put rice in there if you want and you eat it with a spoon. Everything in the bowl becomes absorbed by the liquid and it is truly an incredible experience. We get chicken in our curry and we ask them to have it without potatoes. Personally, I don’t see a place for the potatoes. I would rather have more vegetables in it.  We order the Pad Thai with just tofu. We aren’t vegetarians (thankfully), but it doesn’t even need any meat, it’s that good.

Without appetizers, expect to spend about $15 a person before tip. That is standard for Thai restaurants.

Overall, this is one of our favorite restaurants and you should go…tonight!

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