Mogo Korean Fusion – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Featured above is a pork taco from the Mogo Korean Fusion Taco stand on the Asbury Park boardwalk! If you didn’t already know, Natanda is really into our flavor profiles. We love Mogo because their products are FULL of flavor. We find that when we bring out-of-towners to try ethnic foods that they’ve never had before, they’re often skeptical. My mom doesn’t enjoy spicy foods, but devoured their soy ginger glaze chicken wings. One of our friends who isn’t an adventurous eater went for a pork taco and fell in love with it!

Their menu contains rice bowls, salad bowls, burritos, and tacos that can all be customized based on one’s meat preference. The tacos are $4 each and if you’re less than starving, one or two is enough! The bowls and burritos are between $8-$9. They also have a couple of other things on their menu, like the corn with cotija cheese (which is delicious). The first time we ventured over to their main location in Asbury Park, we were told by two drunk boys that we ordered the wrong things (shrimp taco and chicken rice bowl). Therefore, we ordered a second meal and tried the “best item on the menu”… the pork taco. The pork is marinated so perfectly, placed into the soft taco shell, and topped with an Asian slaw. They offer a variety of toppings at their condiment bar to put on your food, as well. I squirted some amazing sweet and spicy hot sauce on top of mine! I cannot even explain the flavor of that… just trust me!

When we brought my parents there, we tried their kimchi fried rice and it was out of this world! The wings come in two flavors: soy ginger glaze and spicy glaze. Both are spectacular! There are other special options, as well. We highly recommend both the store and the boardwalk stand!

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