Spring Lake Tap House – Spring Lake, New Jersey

The Tap House in Spring Lake Heights never lets us down. We have visited this establishment on numerous occasions, whether being to conveniently grab a drink, or sample some of their delicious food options. For happy hour, they offer sliders that are outstanding.

On this particular night, we came here with a friend and ordered three things that none of us had tried before. The presentation on all three dishes made the meals look very appealing. The service was above average, as well.

The server recommended the buffalo macaroni and cheese ($10) over the standard option. Macaroni and cheese is one of those foods that is just so delicious by itself that sometimes when people try to add strong flavors to it, it’s not the same. Also, I am biased because I am a macaroni and cheese connoisseur and was once in a group called “Cheese Anonymous” (where we certainly did not want to quit!) Although I was wary about this choice, it exceeded all of my expectations! There was just enough buffalo flavor so that it wasn’t overbearing. The texture of the cheese was perfect; not gritty or watery. It was topped with toasted bread crumbs and garnished with parsley. It looked as good as it tasted and I would eat this every single day.

Ordering a cheeseburger ($10) at a bar is a pretty standard choice, however, we would agree that this one was delicious. It was ordered medium, and it came out perfectly. It was juicy, flavorful, and filling. The sweet potato fries were crispy and great, as well.

I believe that amongst the three meals, the steak sandwich (~$20) had the best presentation. It photographed really well. And not only did it look incredible, our friend described it as, “Heaven”, and that it was the, “Best steak sandwich ever.” We could hear it sizzling on the hot plate from a few feet away and it arrived to the table steaming hot. The aroma, alone, was too good to be true. It came open faced, on toasted garlic bread (which kept cooking the entire time), and was accompanied with onion rings and a Parmesan, parsley garnish.

We cannot wait to visit the Spring Lake Tap House again!


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