Cubacan – Asbury Park, New Jersey

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant with a great food and an even better view, be sure to check out Cubacan in Asbury Park. This place is located on the boardwalk and overlooks the ravishing Atlantic ocean. You can watch the waves roaring into shore while drinking your thirst quenching sangria.

The cheese plate didn’t let me down. Then again, how could it? It came with four different Spanish cheeses: Manchego, Mahon, Idiazabal, and Garrotxa, jam, and a toasted cracker. I love when restaurants offer cheese plates because they give you just the right amount to taste and log in your cheese journal. (Anyone else? Just me… okay.)

The empanadas were crispy on the outside and moist in the middle!

The tuna ceviche ($15.95) with melon was incredible.The sugar in the fruit really brought out the normally subtle taste of the raw fish. It contained such a distinct flavor and totally opened my mind to combinations of the sort.

The Churrasco steak was marinated and cooked to perfection. This is such a standard Cuban dish, served with rice, beans, peppers, and onions, that it certainly had the potential to be average. However, I still remember the tenderness and juiciness in my mouth like it was yesterday. SUPERB! It would definitely be a challenge to master cooking a steak of that excellence.

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One thought on “Cubacan – Asbury Park, New Jersey

  1. We will be stopping by Asbury Park for an upcoming adventure! Thank you for the recommendation! Follow us back for updates on our travels!

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