Michael Angelo’s – Wall Township, New Jersey

Michael Angelo’s in Wall Township, New Jersey is spectacular! Natalie of “Natanda” has been dining there and taking food to go for years and years! They literally have the most pizza options that I have ever heard of! Maybe I need to get out more. In the first photo, the slice on the left is a cavatelli (GAV-A-DEAL) and broccoli slice. In the middle is a Greek salad slice ($4), and the right is plain. The photo on the right shows their Greek salad slice again and their spinach and ricotta pizza ($3)! These pies are unbelievably tasty and MASSIVE (like three feet in diameter)! One pizza can practically feed a family of seventeen. When we ordered three slices and one drink and it came to $11. Talk about reasonable! Wow!

Not only is their pizza spectacular, but their salads are amazing, as well. Their Tomi’s Apple Salad comes with granny smith apples, craisins, bleu cheese, walnuts, and a vinaigrette dressing. The salad is $6.95 without anything in it. With chicken, it’s $9.95. But, let’s talk about that bleu cheese for a second. THAT is some quality cheese. Most of the time, places throw in cheap bleu cheese that has such a pungent after taste. This cheese is so creamy and smooth and doesn’t leave a horrendous aftertaste.

Everything on the menu looks delicious! This is definitely a place to try a few items at a time.


tumblr_nq5hr88Ddb1qcs7u3o1_500IMG_5697 IMG_5701


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