Ginza – Ocean, New Jersey

If you’re looking for nice, refreshing Japanese restaurant, Ginza is the one for you! This place is always consistent, even if you don’t visit as frequently as you’d like to. The plates are designed so meticulously that any food photographer would have a field day! But not only do these dishes look inviting, they taste heavenly too! Everything is really fresh. The fish tastes as if it was caught and filleted five minutes before entering your mouth.

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Ginza offers an “All you can eat” special for $21.95. This includes about ten different appetizers (shumai, tempura, ginger salad, edamame, etc), various specialty sushi rolls, plenty of sushi pieces (fish over rice), and ice cream. All of the photos featured below are from an “All you can eat” night. It really is a spectacular deal. You won’t leave there hungry!

image image image image image image image image


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