Siam Basil – Wall, New Jersey

It’s about time you all spice up your lives and enjoy some extracurryiculars! If these photos enthaice you, head on over to Siam Basil in Wall Township! Natalie and her family have been visiting this restaurant for years and it never lets them down. Everything on the menu is really wonderful. The wait staff wear matching dresses and are very attentive. Even on a crowded night, the food arrives promptly and accurately. The place itself, is clean and cozy. The prices are standard and they offer a very reasonable lunch special.



Pad Thai- Rice noodles in a peanut/soy sauce with tofu and vegetables


Massamun Curry- Vegetables in a coconut peanuty soupy sauce.


Spice bowl that they’ll bring to the table at your request!

Pad Prik Khing- Chicken and Vegetable curry

Spicy Mixed Shellfish Special- with mussels, shrimp, and scallops. Very spicy!

Pad Woonsen- fine glass noodles with chicken and vegetables in a light sauce.

Spicy Fried Rice- with chicken and vegetables.


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