FISH – Asbury Park, New Jersey

With food evolving so much in the past decade, foodies are drawn to modern day urban restaurants that incorporate creativity and ethnic flares into standard American dishes. FISH is remarkable for this. Their seafood dishes are complex and innovative. You will salivate as you browse the menu, intrigued as to what to try. We’ve eaten here twice and everything was just unbelievable.

This is definitely a higher end restaurant. The dishes range from about $26-$35. They do have a great happy hour though featuring some of their favorite appetizers for $6 each and drinks from $3-$6.

These cilantro, lime, sesame, sweet and spicy baby back ribs are an appetizer on the happy hour menu and they are incredible. The meat just falls off the bone so tenderly and the flavor is endless.

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These four photos show two of their “Big Fish” entrees and the moist corn bread with honey butter served as an accompaniment. The salmon with basil mashed potatoes, asparagus, charred tomato compote, and curry oil was fantastic! I normally like my salmon rare to avoid the cooking mishaps in the kitchen. I don’t like when it is chewy and/or too fishy. This salmon was cooked to perfection. It was juicy and had a crispy outside. I loved it! The jumbo lump crab cake with cheddar, chive, and scallion grits, grilled asparagus, and remoulade was spectacular! The fish was fresh and all of the flavors on the plate just complemented one another so well.

We cannot wait to come back to FISH!


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