Dune Grass Cafe – Bay Head, New Jersey

Dune Grass Cafe is a refreshing new joint in the heart of Bay Head. Locals were beyond thrilled to see this cozy establishment reopen its doors this summer with a catchy name and new ownership. This charming building originated in the late 1800’s and has managed to preserve the same ambiance through various remodels. Sitting inside provides you with a trip back in time, while the outside seating, under the canopy, allows you to feel the ocean breeze while you dine.

What is more convenient than a great brunch spot just two blocks from the beach? Locals and vacationers cannot get enough of the place, which has attributed to its constant busy house. They have a great menu, consisting of breakfast and lunch favorites; and they also have an ice cream shop! Their food is made fresh daily and the kitchen service is outstanding. The first time I ate there, my crab cake sandwich came out within minutes of me ordering it. It was delicious! I especially enjoyed the chipotle aioli that accompanied it. Some other delightful options are the omelets, Reuben, eggs (ham) Benedict, and the pulled pork, smoked ham, and pork roll varieties. My personal favorite dish at Dune Grass is without a doubt the veggie burger. It is hearty, moist and bursting with flavor. Although I do eat meat, I would choose this over beef any day!

Be sure to check out this hot spot any day from 8am-3pm (ice cream is open until 10pm). The prices are reasonable and the wait staff is friendly and attentive. This is definitely a great experience overall.


Veggie burger with cheese


Tuna fish sandwich with bacon


Vegetable omelet with home fries


Crab cake sandwich with chipotle mayo


Egg White Veggie Omelet with home fries


French Toast with fresh fruit


Reuben on Rye


Breakfast Burrito




Crab Cake Benedict


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