Talula’s – Asbury Park, New Jersey

You know a restaurant is top notch when every single ingredient is exceptional. This is what really makes Talula’s stand out from other pizza establishments. As I rejoiced in the many courses of our dinner/date night, my mind was just fixated on each of the flavors per dish, and just why, together, they taste SO damn good! From the exotic cocktails, to the honey/olive oil spread on the warm sourdough bread, to the pickled eggs on the Cobb salad, to the freshest tasting mozzarella cheese on this planet, it was like every bite added just a little bit more to the abundance of goodness. The team behind these incredible eats, prides themselves on being a farm to table kitchen and accommodating various eating preferences (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free). This is a brilliant tactic, because every single person could eat at Talula’s and be more than satisfied.

The dishes shown below are the Talula’s Sunrise Cocktail for $10, Bread and Butter for $5, the Talula’s Cobb Salad for $13, and the Hang on Little Tomato Pizza for $16. The Lavender Fizz Cocktail, and the Green Goddess Salad (both were not photographed), were also delicious.

We cannot wait to return to Talula’s to try the other innovative pizzas. This time we will be sure to save room for dessert!

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