Apella Greek Taverna – Eatontown, New Jersey


Being that we always yearn for different flavors on our palates, I’m surprised that we haven’t looked into a good, reliable Greek restaurant sooner. This past weekend, our friend introduced us to Apella. She sold it to us as, “Amazing food from all regions of Greece embodying the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture.” Although she comes from a Greek background where they can literally whip up this cuisine with their eyes closed, her and her family adore this place. Her dad finished her kleftiko leftovers within thirty minutes of her putting it in the fridge. Those Greeks are serious about this place, and we too, were beyond thrilled.

The restaurant required a reservation for our party of eleven. Because they were so busy, the kitchen was a little backed up and they ran out a few menu items. Due to the inconvenience, the staff accommodated us with an appetizer (flaming Cypriot cheese), a massive dessert sampler, and a percentage taken off of the bill.



They were all so overly apologetic and generous. They couldn’t possibly do enough for us. While we waited for our food, our water glasses were filled about seventeen times. The bread baskets were also constantly replenished with thick, warm slices of the most delicious bread, accompanied with butter and kalamata olive tapanade spread.

The food was outstanding. With eleven people, we were really able to taste a nice chunk of the menu. Our appetizers included spanakopitakia ($8.95), ktapodi sta karvouna (marinated octopus, $17.95)


garides santorini (shrimp with tomato sauce and feta cheese, $14.95)IMG_0018

midia krassata (mussels in port wine red sauce, $13.95),keftedakia (meatballs with yogurt sauce, $8.95), zesti pikilia tis pareas (assortment of tiropitakia, spanakopitakia, keftedakia, dolmadakia and gigantes, $14.95).


For entrees, many people got assorted gyros and others got lambIMG_0225IMG_0224IMG_0035IMG_0037



Someone ordered moussaka


My lamb chops came with a vegetable medley and these lemon flavored potatoes that were to die for. The lamb was cooked perfectly and I enjoyed it the second day, as well.IMG_0219

Overall, we were really impressed with the professionalism of the restaurant, the food, and the atmosphere. If you want, “A truly authentic experience, where it is as if Leonidas himself comes out and kicks you into the Spartan abyss to eternal doom,” then you must visit Apella. We cannot wait to return.


One thought on “Apella Greek Taverna – Eatontown, New Jersey

  1. Your blog looks great, it’s well written and now I’m salivating! And you’re so “punny” (reference to your fb post) šŸ˜Š


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