Sundaes The Ice Cream Place- Wall, New Jersey

Let us all take a moment of silence for Chocolate Cookie Madness.

Because the best ice cream place in the world discontinued the best ice cream flavor in the world, for a few months I was a little bitter about writing a blog post about Sundaes Ice Cream. I do believe my grieving period is now over and I am finally ready to part with that flavor and to just accept the fact that the company can no longer receive chocolate cookie dough, a key ingredient in Chocolate Cookie Madness. It also contained a plethora of other cookies in a chocolate ice cream base. It truly was Heaven on Earth.

Since hearing the tragic news, I have been brave (using this word purely for entertainment because let’s be real, who wouldn’t just eat any ice cream they see in front of them?) enough to try and select various other ice cream flavors in this iconic ice cream shop. Believe me when I tell you that every flavor is amazing. Are you surprised? The ice cream is flawless. The texture and taste are superb and none of the flavors are overbearingly sweet.

There are four locations in Monmouth County, New Jersey and each of them get mobbed all year round. In the summer time, you have to take a number and wait patiently for your turn (while admiring all of the flavors trying not to jump through the glass and start scooping with your hands). And for a Jersey Shore favorite, the prices are pretty average!

Somehow, I only have photos of a swirl soft serve sugar cone with cake crunchies on top. I’m sure you could imagine what the hard ice cream looks like though. And you should probably go to Sundaes right now.

IMG_7621 IMG_7622


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