Beach Haus Brewery – Belmar, New Jersey

We were so ecstatic when Beach Haus opened about six months ago! I mean, is there better news than knowing you could potentially bike ride to a place that brews unlimited craft beers?? Oh, the bottomless pretzels. Those are a close second.

The atmosphere at Beach Haus is so much fun. Inside, there are many picnic tables resembling a cafeteria. It is great that everyone can find a seat when they arrive. Many breweries are practically standing room only and you find yourself spilling your $8 pints and mopping it up with your cute shoes. When the weather is nice, you can stand outside at one of the five high tops and gaze into the distance at the beach.

All of the beer is delicious. Some of their selection includes the American Pilsner called Beach Haus, the Cruiser IPA, the Kick Back Ale, and the Winter Rental Black Lager. All of their beer names are creatively associated with the beach and it’s surroundings. Beach Haus brews are also available in bottles at certain liquor stores.

The shop below the tasting room is a unique aspect to this brewery. It contains shirts, hats, glasses, stickers, towels, and all sorts of other paraphernalia one could buy to add to their brewery collection. We collect beer glasses in all shapes and sizes! A friend of ours collects shirts. I believe she even has seven shirts from her favorite brewery. This could be you!


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