Jersey Shore Restaurant Week – The Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest 2015

We were so impressed with the Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest! It was a classy event at Doolan’s Shore House, in Spring Lake, in honor of Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. There were over 200 guests who helped participate in crowning the best martini on the Jersey Shore.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a 2 oz. martini cup that we used the whole time to sample with. Bartenders really got so creative with their cocktails and we were stunned as to how they came up with their innovative concoctions.

Among the sweet, savory, and tangy martini combinations, we both absolutely loved “The Walk of Shame” Martini from Harpoon Willy’s. It was their artistic version of a Bloody Mary; containing tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco Sauce, garnished with a skewer of a tempura fried blue cheese olive, a lemon wedge, and a mini cocktail shrimp. It was like a full meal in that 2-ounce glass. We went back for seconds!


Our second favorite martini was from Shipwreck Grill. “The Bitter Sailor” had CD vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, honey syrup, fresh lemon, and a homemade sage tincture. We especially loved the presentation that came with the pour. The bartender carefully spritzed the glass with the sage tincture and dragged the orange peel around the whole rim. He was delicate and really catered to the guests. This martini was unbelievably unique.


Although none of our favorites won, we were happy for those bartenders who did! People’s choice was Mister C’s “Pomegranate Pear Pleaser”. It contained CD vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, pomegranate juice, and pear nectar. It was garnished with fresh pomegranate and an apple wedge. It was sweet and delicious! The judges chose Remington’s “The Homecoming”, which was vanilla bean infused CD vodka, Smirnoff Cinnamon Sugar twist vodka, River House Pumpkin Ale, and pureed apple, topped with donuts! We found this one to be very strong, but the donut skewer hit the spot!


Not only were we happy with the martini samples, we enjoyed the lunch provided by Doolan’s. They had a mashed potato bar with both white and sweet potatoes and a few toppings to choose from. They also had a hamburger slider bar with various toppings, as well. The hors d’oeuvres were really tasty. They had cocktail servers walking around with assorted bite sized delights.


We had a great time at this event and we cannot wait to continue to celebrate Jersey Shore Restaurant Week! Be sure to check out the website at to see what else is going on!

Eat, Drink, Indulge: Craft Beer is happening tomorrow! It is not too late to buy your ticket! Head over to Beach Haus Brewery tomorrow night for some beer flights, pints, and food provided from Benny Burger. There will be a brew master teaching us a thing or two, as well!

Burger’s, Bloodies, and Brews is happening on Saturday at Harpoon Willy’s! There, you’ll have a chance to try the Gastronaut Girls’ favorite martini!


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