The Cupcake Magician – Red Bank, NJ

Are you sick of the same old birthday cake and you’re looking for a more cool way to celebrate your special day? Take a trip to the Cupcake Magician in Red Bank for some award winning masterpieces, that taste just as good as they look! This little mom and pop shop is full of surprises. They were voted #10 in the country by The Daily Meal and HuffPost Taste and have been recognized locally, as well. Their cupcakes are available in such a variety of popular flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth! For a work celebration, we got to sample many of the cupcakes that they have to offer. The tiramisu was incredible! It was delicate, just as the Italian cake should be. The coconut was perfect. It wasn’t too overbearing. The red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting was wonderful, as well. What stood out the most, for me, was the frosting. Sometimes the bakers worry too much about the consistency of the cakes that they lack focus on the frosting. This was not the case with the Cupcake Magician. The frosting on each of the cupcakes were superb! They weren’t too sweet and they each brought out something unique to make the cupcake as a whole come together delightfully.



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