Shloka – Freehold, New Jersey

Right before our trip overseas, we went to Shloka Indian Restaurant (formally Ginger) in Freehold. With new ownership and new menu options, we had new expectations. The owner takes pride in using local ingredients and coming up with unique spice combinations. They offer a lunch buffet (like most Indian restaurants), which allows newbies and those who are indecisive the chance to taste a variety of dishes. I think it makes those skeptical of stepping outside of the box a little less overwhelmed. When we were there for dinner, we had the chance to order directly off the menu and to eat the most fresh food possible; being that they don’t offer a buffet for dinner. Although I love Indian buffets more than any other buffet, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to order off of the menu this time. There is just something wonderful about your food being prepared especially for you when you order it. The flavors come through so much more profoundly than when it is sitting on a buffet for a few hours.
We just love having foodie friends who appreciate diverse flavors. It always makes dining out a fun and interesting experience! Among the four of us, we ordered a vegetarian appetizer sampler, paneer tikka masala, tikka masala, shrimp meen gassi (the name of this dish is not ironic), and of course naan and garlic naan. This meal still, to this day, stands out in my mind because it was just so unbelievably fresh. I tasted the cumin seeds, the coriander, the cinnamon, and other spices so intensely. I cannot wait to return to this place again!

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