Fred & Murry’s Kosher Deli – Freehold, New Jersey

Being Jewish, Natalie and I have been to more kosher delis than we could ever count. Most of the time though, they are nothing special and we leave needing an IV of water to balance out the weeks worth of sodium we’d just consumed in one lunch.

Although this wasn’t our first, or second, or seventeenth time at Fred and Murry’s, this time was rather exceptional. Maybe we are just more aware now of meals we love, hate, and anything in between; since starting this food blog. But that also might make us more harsh critics than before. *Things to ponder*

You should just take our word for it that if you’re Jewish, Jew-ish, or just want to expand your palette, be a mench and give this place a try.

Things to Order:

  1. Matzoh Ball Soup. It’s not overly salty!
    It comes with a large flavorful matzoh ball and noodles.
  2. Chopped Liver Appetizer. I wouldn’t go near this with a ten foot pole, but my grandma made a comment about how good it was. It looked… moist.
  3. Corned Beef and Pastrami Sandwich (mixed) on Seedless Rye. Freaking amazing. So juicy!
  4. Round Knishes- No need for an explanation here. Just do it! (Kasha and potato are the crowd faves.)

2 thoughts on “Fred & Murry’s Kosher Deli – Freehold, New Jersey

  1. This is making me hungry hehe My phone is so messed up it said it posted my comment twice oy veh lol

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