Why Cold Brew Is All The Rage

Cold brew coffee, often embarrassingly mistaken as iced coffee, is the most fascinating hidden gem that sophisticated coffee connoisseurs could have ever dreamed of discovering. Although this brewing method is pretty much as simple as brewing a standard pot of hot coffee, the unique chemical makeup of the cold brewing formula makes a world of a difference to our taste buds.

To clear up much confusion, iced coffee is scolding hot coffee, dumped over ice; and at no point is cold brew coffee hot. The process by which cold brew is made, does not include heat nor electricity. This very time consuming technique, is one that involves the steeping of ice water, drip by drip, through coffee grinds at a snail’s pace. The water spends much more time with the grinds than normal. Due to the freezing temperature that this procedure undergoes, the product is a much less acidic, smoother, sweeter taste than standard coffee brewed at at boiling temperature. This also results in coffee that is much more concentrated than what we are used to and often needs to be diluted to taste. Some would compare the boldness to that of espresso.

For us, at 3G1C, our experience with cold brew has been beyond enlightening. We dig the complexity of the flavors that surface from cold brew coffee and we have had a blast experimenting with various spice combinations to enhance a basic blend. It is such a fun hobby and we are thrilled to continue to learn and grow within the field.


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