Pho Tastic – Brick, New Jersey

We were happy to find out about this Vietnamese restaurant opening up nearby because we had been craving the flavors ever since we first tried it in Vermont about two years ago. We ordered Pho (prounced “Phuh”), some cold veggie shrimp rolls wrapped in rice paper, and an interesting combination of meats, veggies, and a crispy egg roll over vermicelli noodles. Everything came out extremely quickly and it was fresh and delicious. The prices were also great. Vietnamese food is light and satisfying. It doesn’t contain as many spices as other Asian cuisines. Our only complaint with this restaurant was that there were no vegetarian options on the menu or even meals with just chicken. Everything contained lots of meat. When asking what they can make without meat, they seemed a little thrown off and said that they could make two options with just tofu. Besides, that everything was good and we would return.



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