Skratch – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Our first impression of Skratch, was that it was reminiscent of the previous restaurants that once occupied the space. It had a similar layout and comparable tables, but more of an artsy ambience, I suppose. Just a couple of months ago, it was Redemption. Before that, it was Bank on Mattison. Before that, it was Trinity and the Pope. And, at one time, it was an actual bank, which is the most intriguing part. We had done a fair amount of bar hopping there in the past year and a half, for a drink at the chill bar downstairs, a dance on the upstairs dance floor, and a munch of the NYE buffet. So as soon as we had heard about the ingenious dishes that came highly recommended by friends who enjoy fancy food, we were thrilled to come back try the new restaurant.

I requested a table by the window for ample lighting. I was psyched. The coffee was strong and full of flavor. Everything on the menu sounded delicious so it was hard to figure out what to order. We settled on the chicken and waffles appetizer, the tuna pizza appetizer, the green pizza, the bibb lettuce salad with chicken on top, and the SK B-Fast burger.
When everything arrived at our table, I was pleased with the plating and the presentation.

The tuna pizza was approximately six inches in diameter and it was a deep fried rice patty with fresh tuna, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, and soy sauce on top of it. It was decorated so nicely. It was sliced into six triangles like pizza slices. It was both soft and crunchy with every bite and it was amazing.

The chicken and waffle dish, however, was disappointing. The chicken itself was incredible, but the waffle tasted dry and spongey. We would not order that again but we would love to go back and try some of their other dishes. Hopefully this place stays around!



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