Donut Think I’m Impressed

Donut shops with made to order little treats are the next trendiest thing since the FroYo fad. They’re cute, they’re fun, they’re photogenic, but honestly, they aren’t that unique from one another.


The Jersey Shore has over a handful of these hole-in-the-wall shops and since they’re all the rage, we’ve made it a priority to try them all out (for the gram, obvi). So far, we’ve hit up DoCo in Farmingdale, Purple Glaze in Asbury Park and Uncle Dood’s in Toms River. We have yet to try Broad Street Dough Co. in Oakhurst, which we unfailingly salivate over with every Instagram post.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the donuts always look beautiful and taste great. Like, what donut wouldn’t taste good? However, we’ve started to realize that they’re just all the same. They all have the old fashioned cake (besides certain days of the week or days in the month where they have more unique cakes?) and a variety of frostings and toppings with creative names. Some of the donuts are stuffed too, but I’m still not feeling thoroughly enthralled over them. They’re also way overpriced for what they actually are. In my opinion, they will fade fast. #sorrynotsorry




3 thoughts on “Donut Think I’m Impressed

  1. You have to try OBCO in Toms River. The doughnuts are also homemade but not made to order. They’re definitely a level above any I have had since Hoffman’s closed in Point.


  2. The donuts look so yummy! But I know what you mean!
    It reminds me of the cupcake phase a few years ago! I decided to try all the cupcake stores in NYC! And they all tasted the same as well! I try not to eat donuts or cupcakes too much these days to avoid sugar! But you make it very tempting with your pics😋


  3. I was also going to suggest OBCO! It’s right on Fischer Blvd close to 37. I’m crazed for sugar and pastries, so I’m certainly not picky, but OBCO was pretty banging. I don’t know if they have any of these fancy, decorative type donuts, but the regular ones are the real deal.


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