Blue Apron Did Not Leave Us Feeling Blue

Originally we were skeptical about ordering from Blue Apron for a few reasons. First, we love to cook and don’t need a lesson how to. We don’t have any reservations when it comes to shopping for food and making it ourselves. We assumed these recipes would be for amateurs who are new to the kitchen. Secondly, we are spoiled when it comes to food with a vast flavor profile. We cook with excess spices and expect dishes to have more flavor than the average person would deem necessary. Lastly, we didn’t want to spend $10 on a meal, when we could go out to eat for even more convenience for the same $20.
However, when we were offered a free trial week, we simply could not pass it up. The meal plan came with three different dishes to cook for two people.
The chicken fettucine was sauteed in a lot of rosemary which compensated for less cheese than we would have expected in a typical fettucine Alfredo dish. This gave it so much more flavor than we anticipated.

The pork tteokbokki was extremely innovative. It came with rice cakes that were actually thick rice noodles. We had never had these before. It contained lots of heat and we enjoyed it.

The cod tacos were outstanding. They were accompanied with so many healthy toppings and a very unique cole slaw to prepare. We usually don’t eat that much fish and this was a nice treat.

Each dish took about twenty minutes to prep and twenty minutes to make. Some of the ingredients we had never even seen before, which was pretty cool. The dishes came out looking fantastic and the portions were surprisingly satisfying enough. To our surprise, everything was awesome! The only issue we still have with Blue Apron is the price; however, we would not hesitate to order from there again.


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