Social 37 – Toms River, New Jersey

This joint looked like it had a menu suitable for all parties meeting for a random family dinner. Their food selection seemed pretty creative and their beer menu looked even better. However, we couldn’t drink at this dinner, even if we may have wanted to.

The brick oven pizzas were so inviting. They looked like a work of art. The margherita pizza was good, but the special of the day pizza was even better. It contained mushrooms, arugula, truffle oil, goat cheese, and pine nuts. The flavors were so intense. I must have told the waitress like seven times that it was awesome, as if she made it.

The soba noodle dish had some nice flavors, but we would have preferred if the noodles were more like Thai rice noodles than whole wheat spaghetti. The shrimp was also very overcooked.

The Thai lettuce wraps were pretty standard.

We would return to this restaurant specifically for the pizza again and to sample their beer selection.



One thought on “Social 37 – Toms River, New Jersey

  1. The pizza looks delicious! I definitely would have liked a drink! Would consider trying this place. Lots of positive feedback from the gang!


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