Kim Marie’s Eat & Drink Away – Asbury Park, New Jersey

This place wasn’t worth all of the hype, in our opinion. We came here late one night because we were starving and it seemed to be the only restaurant with a full menu after 10 pm.

We’ve heard they’re known for their various grilled cheeses, but we tried to stick with a dinner that had a little more nutrients to it. We ordered habanero mango chicken wings, a Ruben without the bread (guess who), and the buffalo chicken wrap.

The wings were fine. They were almost raw and I was slightly worried about getting sick, but I didn’t thankfully. Since the skin was so undercooked, I had no problem resisting eating it, which I guess was a positive thing.

The buffalo chicken wrap had shredded chicken…

See below…


Like, just strange.

And the Ruben looked cheesey AF. You couldn’t even see the meat.

Although the food was mediocre and the presentation needed help, the restaurant itself was cute and our server was nice.

Wouldn’t go back, but glad we were able to check it off of our list.


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