Wrap Artists Eatery – Belmar, New Jersey

How sick is it that there’s a wrap stand directly outside of one of the most popular bars on the Jersey Shore? While you’re bored on the line waiting to get into the bar, or have mad drunchies at the end of the night, the Wrap Artists got you covered. They are there to save you from eating shitty hot dogs at 7/11 or falling asleep without food in your stomach and puking all over your cat in bed. The chefs are amongst some of the coolest dudes around and they’ll whip you up one of the most unique burritos that you’ll ever taste. You can chow down on a burrito stuffed with shredded chicken or shredded beef, regular rice or bacon infused rice (obviously the latter), various homemade sauces, cheese, and get this, DORITOS (#dortz, for the best drunk snack ever). They are conveniently set up right on Boathouse’s property on the most raging Boathouse and Bar Anticipation nights. We tried two of their combinations and enjoyed every bite! We only wished for even more of their special sauces for extra flavor. We can’t wait to visit the Wrap Artists again and to see how they expand in the future with more flavor profiles!imageimage


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