Super Pollo II – Brick, New Jersey

sad-little-chicken-cartoon-illustration-looking-47400416I’m not into bashing restaurants even if I’ve had an unpleasant experience there because first, I have a guilty conscience and second, I have witnessed firsthand just how grueling it is to be behind the scenes in the kitchen. With that being said, I would love to share this one miserable, yet hilarious episode at Super Pollo II in Brick because it is too funny not to mention in my blog of restaurant reviews.

We were not greeted upon entry and were forced to seat ourselves. The one server, who appeared to be no older than fourteen years old, did not offer us even a glass of water for a solid five minutes. When he came over with the water pitcher, there was not a single ice cube in it. We then asked if we could have some ice (for our warm water) and the young child claimed that they did not have any ice.

When we were finally able to order, we made the mistake of asking the boy what the most popular dishes were. He proceeded to tell us, with the same demeanor one would use at a funeral, that he, “Does not recommend the chicken…. because it is raw.” That is the moment that we should have plucked ourselves right off of that bench and bought a rotisserie chicken from Acme. However, we were a bit entertained at this point and this restaurant somehow came highly recommended so we took the gamble.

I don’t even remember what we chose, but it was all truly disgusting. I do remember ordering some side of corn with cotija cheese that sounded delicious. However, it looked like half of a corn on the cob was injected with steroids. The kernels were well done, bone dry, and tasted like we were eating a pillow. Apparently they ran out of cotija cheese. We sent that back.

Of course it was also an ordeal to get the check and pay for the meal. We couldn’t wait to fly of there and never look back.


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