Confections of a Rockstar – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Confections of a Rockstar is always the go to place after dinner in Asbury Park or a night of drinking (well not that late of a night… it closes at 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends)!! Each time we pop into this trendy rock and roll cafe, all of our senses ignite. When you look around at the pictures on the walls and read the bakery items, all named after songs, you’re easily entertained. It goes without saying that the smell inside is so sweet and desirable that you’re just so excited to order one of each. From the salted chocolate chip cookies to the colorful macarons to the mini cheesecakes, there is never a wrong option. They even make a cupcake for dogs! Now, if only they made one for cats, I’d be there weekly!

Be sure to stop by whenever you’re in Asbury or just drive there to sample everything! We can’t wait to go back!img_2972img_2973finalimg_2978img_2980img_2981img_2985


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