Jersey Shore Restaurant Week Spring 2017

IMG_4306IMG_4307IMG_4308IMG_4312IMG_4319IMG_4325IMG_4330IMG_4402IMG_4408IMG_4415IMG_4419IMG_4426IMG_4432Jersey Shore Restaurant week is happening again right now! We always look forward to these two times of year because they provide us with the best events on the Jersey Shore! Who doesn’t enjoy sampling different foods and beverages right in your own neighborhood?

This season, we were able to attend the Executive Chefs Cook Off and the Bourbon, Bacon and Bluegrass events. The cook off was wonderful!! There were so many restaurants providing guests with their favorite dishes. A great deal of the tastings were seafood, so being the fish lover that I am, I was extremely pleased. Wine was provided at the event, as well. This night was run very smoothly, even though the event was sold out. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and nobody left hungry! Be sure to look out for this event next season. You don’t want to miss it!

The Bourbon, Bacon and Bluegrass event was like a chill outdoor festival! It was set up in the park on Cookman in Asbury Park, which was a nice change from the usual indoor events. We were able to sip on bourbon we had never had before, while listening to some talented musicians and eating snacks involving America’s favorite meat.

Still to come, on April 29th, Harpoon Willy’s will be having their burger and Bloody Mary specials. We loved attending this last year!

Don’t forget to check out some of the prix fixe menus of some of your favorite restaurants and even those you’ve never been able to get to! Restaurant week is only a few more days and we all need to take advantage while it lasts!


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