The Greek Spot – Ocean, New Jersey

Eating at The Greek Spot is like eating in your Greek grandmother’s kitchen. The food is as good as it is plenty and when you’re done, you tell yourself that you’re not going to eat again for a week.

Whether you’re dining in or taking out, it is hard to just order what you absolutely need… because you need everything! Their Greek salad comes with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and feta cheese and no lettuce. Their house salad contains romaine lettuce and all of the above except olives. We recommend getting the house salad and adding olives. It is dressed, tossed and can be topped with grilled chicken or gryo meat if you’re feeling carnivorous. It is also fun to get a side of tzatziki and pita to eat with the salad. Next time, we are going to try the hummus, as well.

The lemon, orzo and chicken soup “Avgolemeno” is also worth ordering, as well as the Greek potatoes. We typically enjoy soaking our food in lemon juice, so Greek food is definitely a staple in our diets. We are so happy to have found this place, thanks to a couple friends of ours. Next time we plan on trying some of their other dishes and we may order some catering from them in the very near future!IMG_4253


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