Noshing in Norway

IMG_3782IMG_3816IMG_3973IMG_3977This was our first time in Norway and we were both excited and nervous to try the local cuisine. We were aware that this is a country known for its fish, but even coming from a brave person with a pretty diverse palete, there is definitely a time and place for fish and it is not in a pancake (not pictured). Savory mixed with sweet and subtitle fish makes for a really interesting and grotesque lunch. To top it off, the brown cheese we bought at the store to accompany our pancake, was bizarre, as well. We are ashamed to admit it, but we actually tossed them both and moved along to sampling other things. What we consumed that we didn’t hate in Ålesund, was this dessert of two small cakes with cream in the middle. It was much less sweet than we expected, and we have noticed the trend that Europeans use a lot less salt and sugar in their products than us Americans. This is something America should take a lesson from.

Although our first few fish experiences were not so satisfying, we didn’t give up on our search for the freshest fish we were promised. And our second day, in Bergen, we did find it at the fish market. A skewer alternating salmon and cod was my choice for lunch and a taste I will never forget. I requested a quick grill, maintaining a rare center. If only this meal did not cost me about $23, I most definitely would have gotten another one. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world if you couldn’t tell.

We also got the fish and chips, which was their local cod. For about the same price, this dish came with a little bit more food. It was really awesome and fresh, as well. We did have some samples of whale salami, reindeer salami, moose salami and a cold shrimp. We are thrilled to have had the experience of the fish market!

Something interesting that we had was a really bitter espresso shot. We had never had espresso just that blunt.

Lastly, we had two different beer samples at Molo Brewery. The beer is surprisingly good in this region of the world. I have a disappointing memory of only drinking Belgian beers in Europe, which are not hoppy or unique. The beer culture in Europe has been evolving like it is in the US.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for Iceland 2.0!


One thought on “Noshing in Norway

  1. Really enjoyed reading your post! I also enjoy tasting cuisine from around the world! Unfortunately I am not as brave as you and only indulge in certain choices! The fish sounded delish! Can’t wait to hear more from your travels!


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