Pancho y Juancho – Bradley Beach, New Jersey

IMG_3548IMG_3549IMG_3770IMG_4278IMG_9964IMG_9970Pancho y Juancho, cleverly named to incorporate the nicknames of both the Columbian and Mexican people, has been our go-to restaurant for months. Forget Chipotle, Moes and Bubbakoos, for the same price, you can get an authentic version of any of your favorite dishes from one of these two countries. Part of the experience is feeling like you’re in their home, as you’re able to see into the kitchen and watch the cooks prepare the meals.

The tacos are hearty and are even more filling when you get 4 instead of 3 on Taco Tuesday! The chicken verde enchiladas are Nat’s favorite, while I’ve always rotated amongst the skirt steak, the camarones a la diabla and the camarones a la Mexicana (2 variations of spicy shrimp dishes). Everything comes with rice and beans, lettuce and radish. Their salsa verde that accompanies the chips is out of this world. We always get extra. We’ve also had the guacamole, tamales, a burrito and quesadilla. Just order your standard dish or whatever you’re in the mood for and you’ll be sure to be impressed!


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