Jersey Shore BBQ – Belmar, New Jersey

Here is a confession: We went to Jersey Shore BBQ (JSBBQ) twice in one week! :O We are preparing our taste buds for our trip out west! The first time, we took out a two meat/two sides combo of shredded chicken and burnt ends beef brisket with sweet potato fries and mac and cheese. This was $20 but enough for two people to eat! The second time, we ditched the chicken and got the beef on a sandwich. The sandwiches were buy one get one half off for their Wednesday special! This sandwich costs $9 and an additional $2 for two sides. Therefore, we spent $17-$18 before the tip. I personally love the burnt ends beef brisket so much that it doesn’t even need bread. I love to taste the smokey flavor and the spices on my tongue just the way it is. The sweet potato fries are so unique! They are about the length of a whole sweet potato and are almost like battered and fried like tempura. They are crunchy and salty. (However, they are not so good microwaved the next day when you’re trying not to eat so much for dinner.) The macaroni and cheese is definitely delicious, as well!!menu/c1zwv

tumblr_nq5i9mJaSd1qcs7u3o2_r1_1280 tumblr_nq5i9mJaSd1qcs7u3o1_1280


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