Jersey Shore Restaurant Week Continued…

We continued our Jersey Shore Restaurant Week adventures with the Eat, Drink, Indulge: Craft Beer event at the Beach Haus Brewery!! The brew master was kind enough to give us a little rundown on each of the beers in our tasting flight. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the flights as I was the IPA and the double IPA that I got in my pints, but I drank them all anyway! The Gastronaut Girls love our IPA’s! We read recently that we should cleanse our palates of the strong, hoppy beers so that we can learn to appreciate them all over again. Maybe we will do that one day! (Probably not).

So while we hung out and drank some beers with our friends, we sure did indulge in endless Benny Burgers from down the street. The two options were their standard beef cheese burger and their lamb Greek burger with tzatziki sauce! They also gave us french fries and chicken noodle soup! Let me tell you about those burgers. They tasted like White Castle burgers…laced in gold. They were greasy, luscious, and everything you’d expect a burger to be…A slab of meat in between two crispy, buttered slider buns! And I promise, they were just as satisfying coming out. We even took some home to eat the next day. I ended up munching one on the way up to work for breakfast. I didn’t mind that for about 24 hours, air pockets traveled through my small intestines like mini earthquakes at velocities undiscovered by physicists, and my anus could have performed in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I’m not farting around! We cannot wait to visit that cute place in Belmar to experience all of that again.


A few days later, we hit up Harpoon Willy’s for their Burgers, Bloodies, and Brews event for restaurant week. Although we adored their bloody martini at the martini contest, we couldn’t manage to branch away from our IPAs. (Go figure). We saw what the pint of the Bloody Mary looked like and we definitely regretted not getting that. We chased down a buffalo burger, a turkey veggie burger, and a french onion burger with some refreshing brews. All of them were substantial, pretty masterpieces. Unfortunately, our taste buds are used to very overwhelming flavors, which can be hard to beat! We would have enjoyed them more with additional sauces and/or spices.


We would love to give a shout out to our friends of Jersey Shore Restaurant week (Amber and Doug) for allowing us these opportunities to expand our foodie horizons! We can’t wait for spring restaurant week!! Stay tuned everybody!

*Thanks to Karley for her assistance with some of the the descriptive phrases that just flowed so smoothly. It would have been shitty if we didn’t give credit where credit is doo.*


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