Greekamolé – Shrewsbury, New Jersey

#ChefNattyB often reminds me that I too frequently use the phrase “That was the best _____ (food item) I’ve ever had!” I guess it is true. I am easily impressed. If you don’t cook my meat above medium rare and if you leave my taste buds overflowing with flavor, I most likely will give you mad positive feedback about your dishes. This isn’t necessarily a good thing when you’re trying to be a food critic. I don’t know if you have realized but I have tried to be a little more, well, critical, for lack of a better term, with each new restaurant I write about.

However, this is not the day for harsh reviews because I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Greekamole. Holy (guaca)mole, it was awesome! I don’t even know where to begin. First, their plates were rectangular. Therefore, I was impressed before we even tasted anything. Next, we got to choose so many unique Mediterranean/Mexican hybrid type toppings to put on our mixed greens. Ancient grains, Babaghanoush (with butternut squash!), Israeli couscous salad, and The Full Greek (cucumber/tomato/feta salad) were just some of the selections. We chose three of those, mouth watering tender Mediterranean chicken, and three sauce toppings. There are no words to describe both the kale chimichurri and Greekamole tzatziki (tzatziki sauce with avocado in it). They nailed it. We had to go up and get extra. Our platters were garnished with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, a dash of chunky pico de gallo, and a pinch of alfalfa sprouts. They also gave us a warm pita to eat with it all. The Middle Eastern and Latin American flavors merged together so well. It was really a cool experience and we hope everyone tries it out this week!imageimage


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