Rook Coffee – Monmouth County, New Jersey

In Monmouth County, Rook is the new Starbucks. People of all ages flock to the various locations because we just cannot get enough of their innovative coffee styles. The main difference between Rook and other coffee shops, like Starbucks, is the number of options on the menu. There aren’t many! It’s perfect! There are about ten hot coffee blends to choose from, two iced coffee flavors, iced tea, and a few pastries that come from an outside company each morning. There are no lattes, no frappuccinos, and no reason to stare at the menu for twenty minutes feeling overwhelmed. The other aspects that make rook so unique are that every single cup of coffee is brewed specifically for each guest and they make their own flavor blends using all natural spices. There are no syrups, no artificial sweeteners, and no added sugars. Therefore, you know exactly what’s in your cup. No surprises! They also have only two sizes- regular and bigger- not seventeen. They offer a variety of milk options (dairy and non dairy) for no additional charge, as well. Our favorite cold brew style is the New Orleans. The roasted beans are brewed with chicory and you can taste the chocolate and caramel notes when you’re sipping on it. This is the best cold brew coffee we’ve ever had because it has such a bold flavor. It is concentrated in such a way that the amount of coffee you add to your cup is much less than expected. The coffee to milk/water ratio is probably about 1:3.

At Rook, you can even purchase a growler of cold brew coffee and you can text in your order to have it ready when you walk in. Also, they are brilliant with their marketing strategies. From coffee mugs/cups to clothing to beach and gym accessories and more – their logo is on it all! Everyone is either addicted to Rook or intrigued by it, which has definitely been a major factor in additional locations opening up every few months. Their company is soaring.



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