Lotería – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park really hit the loteria with the expansion of Bond Street and the newly developed complex. In addition to the two new restaurants (Loteria and Capitoline), there is a whole underground bar/hangout area (pumped up with air conditioning) that we’re just so ready to take advantage of when we go out again!

Loteria was muy bien! It is so incredibly reasonable, too! The bill for the three of us was $52 and we all ate and got a drink. For a starter, we ordered the guacamole and chips. The chips were clearly right out of the fryer. So fresh. We tried two of the recommended tacos, cerdo and pollo, the carne asada burrito, and the corn esquites appetizer. My favorites were the corn equites, and the two tacos. They were really authentic tasting. Our friend ordered the pollo burrito without the burrito and they placed it in a nice bowl for her and made it look fancy. Usually at other places, the kitchen just throws all of the other ingredients on the plate because they can’t comprehend the dish without the one ingredient holding it all together. So her dish actually looked really appetizing, as well!

Loteria offered a variety of Mexican beers, not just Dos Equis. We tried two that we’ve never had before and they were refreshing.

Our favorite part of the meal, however, may have been the hot sauce selection. They probably don’t make them there, but they were magnificent. You know how Natanda feels about our hot sauces.
Check out the rest of their menu at http://thecomplexap.com/loteria/ .



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