10th Ave Burrito – Belmar, New Jersey

The 10th Ave Burrito brand grew so fast they had to move their original location (on 10th Ave) to a bigger one (not on 10th Ave) in order to accommodate more folks (and more quesadillas). Being that I’m new ish to the area, I just got around to trying this joint for the first time about two months ago.

No Juan would pass up a taco from this place, especially on Tuesday when they are all you can eat! It was a pleasant surprise when we found out that for just $12, you could have an endless surplus of tacos come to your table in pairs whenever you request them. At first, it seemed as if they enforced strict taco rules since they insisted you could not substitute anything, however, they didn’t seem to mind that I left the shell of six and a half tacos out of the seven and a half that I devoured. I did, however, try to disguise the shell with napkins, but that’s beside the point. The best taco was by far the steak one. The steak was cooked medium rare and was bursting with flavor. It also came really stuffed with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. I did not try the chicken, but I was told that it was dry. The tofu taco was interesting. It had some sautéed onions inside in like a reddish sauce. Not the best tofu I’ve had. The chorizo was delicious too; however that taco needed something more than just guacamole with it. I would go back weekly just for my mini steak salads drenched in various salsas/hot sauces.

On Wednesday, they wear pink. Just kidding. But they do have a fajita special where you can get two orders of chicken fajitas for $25 or two orders of steak for $28. That was a great deal, as well, because they were extremely generous with all of the fixings. Next time, I would order the steak now that I know how good it is.

We love the outdoor seating for the chill atmosphere and the adequate lighting (all about dat gram). This place is unquestionably one to taco bout.




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