Matcha Too Good For Children – Our 2nd NYC Food Tour

img_8616Since our first food tour of NYC was awesome (please see article titled Great Expectasians) and our second experience was no less than amassssin (how our Icelandic friend says it), we’re going to do this often. I want to taste everything that NYC has to offer. From the recent trends to the old school family owned and run hole in the walls, we are ready for it all!

Hi Collar- There were people waiting outside in the cold for this coffee shop before it even opened. Good thing we were amongst the crowd because the place sat about 10 people and had room for literally nothing else. It was just one short bar with stools and had a walkway space that was so narrow you don’t want to eat too much or you won’t be able to leave. I ordered a black coffee brewed in a siphon, more for the boomerang than the taste. Honestly, it was nothing special. Our Icelandic friend got a homemade ginger alcoholic beer and although he didn’t love the pungency, we thought it was real tasty, just not tasty enough to be buzzed at 11 am.

Drunken Dumpling- We also waited in line for this- but for a good reason!! They only make 25 XLB dumplings a day and I knew this in advance from creeping HARD on those tags on Instagram. These dumplings are of the soup variety and they are so humongous, you drink the soup with a straw. Good news! We were able to order one. We each had a lot of fun posing with the massive dumpling (all while burning our tongues) and would definitely return. The pan seared chicken dumplings were like dusted with salt and might have been the best dumplings I’ve ever had to date!

Juicy Spot Cafe- We finally got to try rolled ice cream! It is a quick little fascinating process and definitely takes some skill. Condensed milk and other ingredients are poured onto this cold stone, mixed, flattened out, and rolled into five spirals. Then, they are meticulously placed in a cup and topped with whatever you choose. The cups look beautiful when they’re done. The ice cream, itself, is much different than regular ice cream. It is lighter and more icy and I’m pretty sure it’s actually a really small portion just spaced out. We tried the strawberry one with POP ROCKS (so cool), the chocolate coffee one, and the Ferrero Rocher flavor. We recommend this place or just rolled ice cream in general!

Eggloo- On to the next treat! Not that we needed to eat sweets all day, but we did want to show our Icelandic friend around the right way! This ice cream/waffle concoction was good but nothing really unique when it came to taste. It looked super awesome and got a lot of comments on our Instagram, but it was just pretty basic. We tried the green tea ice cream and a regular vanilla waffle.

Insomnia Cookies- Okay, we had to try these. AND our car was parked right near them. We took six cookies for the road. They were slightly undercooked, hot and melted in your mouth. If people really visit insomnia cookies for the reasons we assume they do (open til like 4 am AND they deliver so come on), this place is genius. 10/10 for perfect standard cookies.

Well that sums up our second NYC food tour and we’ve already started making plans for the third! Perhaps we will make it out of Chinatown for the next one. Stay tuned!img_8611img_8622img_8646img_8663img_8705


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