3030 Ocean – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

From the moment we entered this upscale restaurant from the Marriott Harbor Beach lobby, we were blown away. Our server greeted us very professionally and remained friendly and attentive during our entire stay. He helped us select the best items from the new 3030 Ocean menu by telling us exactly what was in each dish and how it was cooked. In fact, our server was so knowledgeable, that we could have mistook him for the chef!

The actual chef, however, did come out and greet us. Her name is Adrienne Grenier and she is a culinary genius. We had the privilege of speaking with her for a few moments and in that time, we shared our favorite dishes with her.

We also enjoyed dining with one of South Florida’s most popular food bloggers, Holli, of TheSoFlaSage. It is always nice to experience fine dining with people who share a similar appreciation of eating and food photography. This was truly an unforgettable experience.

Our favorite dishes:

Ahi Tuna Poke- Macadamia nuts, wakame, cucumber, sambal, & avocado. This consisted of the freshest fish I’ve ever had in my life. The portion was pretty generous. The macadamia nuts added just a little something more to a basic dish. 10/10

Swank Fam Heirloom Tomatoes & Local Burrata- Crispy speck, fresh herbs & aged saba. The tomatoes tasted like candy and the burrata melted right in our mouth. Adding the cured meat was a great touch, giving the dish a little crunch. 10/10

Roasted Pumpkin Soup- Maple cream & toasted seeds. For what could have been a very one dimensional dish, the chef completely surprised us. The toasted pumpkin seeds made this soup simply irresistible. 10/10

Braised Chicken Leg Ragu- Potato gnocchi, roasted rutabaga, black truffle, arugula, & Mahon cheese. This dish was so colorful but our only critique was that it was missing some texture. However, the truffle shavings on top did a wonderful job of enhancing the flavor. 9/10

Grilled Beef Tenderloin- Horseradish potato purée, trumpet mushrooms, cipollini, greens & red wine jus. This steak was literally butter. Our server made a joke that although he gave us sharp knives, we didn’t need them to cut our meat! Best cooked steak we’ve ever had. 11/10

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies- Paired with beer battered apple slices. The apples were cooked deliciously. Sometimes when fruit is fried, it tends to get very mushy in the inside. We were almost amazed at the apple texture in this dessert. 10/10

Overall, we had a fantastic time at 3030 Ocean and look forward to returning one day again.finalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinalfinal


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