Jade Garden – Belmar, New Jersey

We stumbled upon Jade Garden late one night, while looking for a quick, inexpensive dinner that we could enjoy at home, while binge watching Shameless. Assuming this was just your typical hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, with food us Jews know all too well from our childhood, we ordered what we’d usually eat. We got some variation of chicken and broccoli/vegetables some wonton soup. We were shocked at just how fresh everything was, and realized that this place is truly unique and we have no reason to eat at any other Chinese restaurant around.

We find ourselves ordering take-out from here every 3 weeks, or so. My absolute favorite thing to order is the hot and sour soup. This is the best hot and sour soup I’ve ever had. You can watch them making it from scratch if you wait inside. The mushrooms, tofu and bean curd are all fresh, and I even ask for additional hot oil on the side to enhance the tears.

Give Jade Garden a try and let us know what you think!


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